Where do i go to schedule a session

To request a session please fill out the form under the Contact section of the site

What is your address and where are you located?

We are located in Sarasota,Fl. Our address is 2493 15th street. Right next to the Sarasota Humane society. Here is a link to google maps for quick access

Google Maps

What do you charge servicees?

Recording is 50$ per hr.
Mixing/Master is 45$ per hr.

Is mixing and mastering included in the recording time price?

No it is not, mixing/mastering is separate. Our producer spends hours perfecting the song to your liking . Mixing/Mastering starts at 45$. That price is to be discussed between you and our audio engineer. It all depends on the project.

I need to reschedule, how should I go about it?

If you have to reschedule your session Notify us 24 hours prior to your session. If you have given us a deposit it will be credited towards your next session. If you don’t notify us 24 hours before your session, your deposit is forfeited.

I might be late to my session, will I still be able to get my full time?

It all depends on scheduling. If we have someone scheduled after your session, you won’t receive your full time. We booked the session specifically for you. It is your job to be on early/ on time. We can’t intrude on another clients booked session, because you were late.

I want to record but need some assistance on my project. Are you guys able to help?

Yes. Our audio engineers will give you feedback upon request. Constructive criticism is apart of music. Any questions you have will be answered to the best of their ability. Any guidance you need, will be provided.

What is mixing?

Mixing are the steps that are taken after your track is recorded. It can consist of multiple processes where our engineer takes your raw recording, adds EQ’s, sets levels, uses compression and adds effects.